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About Me

Renowned author

Dr. Shafer has been an educator for the past 37 years. His books focus on the challenges children with vulnerabilities face in this day and age. With his vast experience as a facilitator and counselor for regular and special education students, Dr. Shafer’s books express the challenges these children find themselves up against. In the same token, they propose solutions for overcoming and nurturing a judgement-free environment.


“The children are singing, But nobody’s listening.
They want to be heard, By the world that they love. The
children are watching, but no one can see them. They want
us to show them, how to find their own way.”
– Dr. S


My Latest


We Hear The Children

Find out how to develop a sound environment where the learning curve is well tended to. This book addresses the challenges faced by special needs children in the modern age.

I Can’t Feel My Pulse

A research-based compilation of the stories of students who endured severe stress simply because they felt that they didn’t ‘fit in.’ Read their accounts and learn how you can develop a healthy environment for your students.

The Sound of Success

In a world of no limits, potential is boundless.“The Sound of Success” explores the importance of systemic changes required to create more opportunities for vulnerable children.

The Knights Of The Pandemic

It began as a vulgar attack against humanity. We trembled, we prayed, and we made due. During this time of fear and adjustment, many hunkered down, first responders provided the glue, and the educational arena faced the heavy task of adjustments and intervention necessary to grow forward with perseverance and strength.

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