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About Dr. Robert P. Shafer

By the power of his books, Dr. Robert P. Shafer wants to share his experiences with the world. His wisdom and experience make him one of the best special needs educators around. Dr. Shafer attempts to address the kinds of problems special needs children face in normal class settings. Outside of the classroom, Dr. Shafer has conducted research on drug awareness and prevention. He has also organized many workshops and has trained many for psychological and family-related issues.

Dr. Shafer writes research-based books that enlighten parents and teachers alike!

For the past 37 years, he has been involved in private and public education. He is experienced in being a classroom teacher who has taught from as early as pre-school to offering his expertise to post-graduate levels. Apart from being an accomplished author, an excellent student counselor, and a reliable school administrator, he is also a program director for the YMCA.



My Latest


We Hear The Children

Find out how to develop a sound environment where the learning curve is well tended to. This book addresses the challenges faced by special needs children in the modern age.

I Can’t Feel My Pulse

A research-based compilation of the stories of students who endured severe stress simply because they felt that they didn’t ‘fit in.’ Read their accounts and learn how you can develop a healthy environment for your students.

The Sound of Success

In a world of no limits, potential is boundless.“The Sound of Success” explores the importance of systemic changes required to create more opportunities for vulnerable children.


Teaching and academics have been a major part of Dr. Robert P. Shafer’s passion for years. His vast educational and mentoring background has gained him all his current expertise—and using it, he looks to educate people in the most effective way.


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