We understand, that in order to meet our obligations and satisfy our curiosity, we must gain the knowledge and attain the resources necessary to navigate a pathway of understanding. This understanding will help to develop a skill-base to confidently operate from. The more informed and practiced we become, the better chance we have to find success in our life‘s pursuits. Nothing matters more then providing for the welfare, safety, and direction for our children. The information, programs, and opportunities are there for the taking. A brain trust of skilled professionals stand ready to help insure that an ability level placement is available for every child.. Each program will recognize and address each individuals uniqueness and needs.
As a parent you are the chief advocate for your child; you are the one that must go out there and get it. There are very specific skills and strategies that will assist you in every way. You will need to read and discover, collaborate and evaluate, and get out there and advocate. Do what it takes. Make adjustments and build a life forward for your child and your family. You are the one that will orchestrate the process for your child. Your hard work and due diligence will create a platform to operate from and search out the best educational placement available to grow forward toward individual success and happiness.
My books and my websites are geared toward providing key information and an expert level knowledge to assist you on your journey. has assembled an in-depth listing of websites and programs that will direct teachers students, parents, and caregivers to the current information and practices available to assist with decision-making and choices. My books use a case study approach to examine
issues, concerns, and real life situations. I do my best to paint a clear picture for my readers to internalize the triumphs and hardships that are faced by children everyday. My major focus has been in the field of special education and most stories are representative of that population. If you have found ideas, knowledge, or resources that could be networked on my website or added to this blog, please share your knowledge and experiences. Our children deserve the best we have..

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