The Knights Of The Pandemic


It began as a vulgar attack against humanity. We trembled, we prayed, and we made due. During this time of fear and adjustment, many hunkered down, first responders provided the glue, and the educational arena faced the heavy task of adjustments and intervention necessary to grow forward with perseverance and strength.

This chronological reflection tugs at one’s heartstrings as you read about the “real life” events that drove a lifestyle for school-aged children during this deadly pandemic. The Avalon Knights stood tall and strong. We produced an “iron man” who set the world ablaze.

Another young woman “wowed” us with her Shakespeare recitation that recognized her as an award winner at the Central Florida High School Shakespeare Competition. We were all stricken by fear, turmoil, and even death, but that could not stop our drive and tenacity. We continued to build on our success and help our community uncover our hopes and dreams toward a lifestyle of happiness and contentment.


Why Read It?

The Knights of the Pandemic: The Battle of Covid-19 – Consistency, Perseverance, and Success shares inside stories of success amidst the chaos and uncertainty of the pandemic. It highlights individuals who overcame adversity and achieved remarkable feats, such as Chris Nikic, an awarded thespian and the first person with Down syndrome to complete an Ironman. These stories of triumph and resilience inspire and motivate readers.

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