We Hear the Children

About The Book

Society always expects special needs children to fit a certain mold. In the face of the unachievable and unfair, they feel at odds with the world. This book aims to address and decipher all these issues.



A Rocky Road

A Turn in the Tide

Earth and High Heaven

We Hear the Children

The Transformation of Sydney

The Making of a Champion

Looking Back Smiling

The End of the Tunnel

Getting It All Together

A Path of Candles

At the End of the Tunnel

I’m on My Way

A Matter of Perception

Bringing Everything You Got

The Reconstruction of Jeremy

Here Comes the Sun

Heart Sick

I’m Back

The Inequity of Funding

The Forgotten Warrior

The Big Guy

A Tragedy for the Vicar

Gotta Watch Em

If You Lead Him to Water, He Will Drink

Nuts and Bolts (The “How To” Method of Teaching)

A Benign Moment of Reflection on a Tuesday in November

A Lot to Offer

So You Think You Want to Be a Teacher

On Understanding the Model to the Perfect School

Avalon Strives for Perfection

The Importance of a Perfect Morning Send-off

A Perfect Start

Perfect Preparation

The Perfect Refuge

Go, Knights

Why Read It

The book “We Hear the Children” is Dr. Shafer’s guide for teachers, educationists, and school administrators for teaching students with vulnerabilities. By adopting a case study approach, Dr. Shafer explains the challenges faced by special needs children and the ways through which they can be combatted. He explains the need for a proper environment for vulnerable students to thrive in.

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